Hi, my name is Izzy and I am currently studying nanosciences at university.

I have loved pretty stationery and notes and books ever since I was in middle school and always wanted to do my best. I aimed to create the perfect notes, conditions, and achieve the perfect grades. Even though I did rather well in high-school, these standards became unrealistic and unattainable at university, where the workload and scope are so much higher.

Maybe you are a one-of-a-kind superhuman, but I am yet to meet someone who is able to live the all-around perfect life. For me at least, the pressure I inflicted on myself to write the prettiest notes, cover every last inch of the syllabus, maintain a social life and hobbies, AND sleep led me into a downward spiral of unhealthy habits, feeling insecure, not-good-enough, and depression.

After taking a semester off and focussing on my mental health, I have read and learned a lot about taking care of my mental health whilst catching up with my course materials, and it is my goal to share this with, and inspire all of you. My hope is, that together we can go strong and find our individual productive spaces – a place where we can all get on with our business and reach our goals without having to compromise our mental health.